From Josh Brown:
"After many hours of searching the Internet trying desperately to match my symptoms up with something other than liver disease, I found a great hope that went by the name "EUS IMAGING." I called Dr. Snady's office and he personally discussed my problem with me. I was very comforted by the fact that he sounded just as interested to solve my problem as I was. " more »

From Estelle Sleppin:
"I was somewhat skeptical, given the chance of surviving this cancer, but felt comforted by the warm greeting I received by the staff members of EUS Imaging and how at ease Dr.Snady made me feel during my examination." more »

From Taz Kochkarov:
"When I met with Dr. Snady, I felt that I wasn't talking to a doctor, but a person who understood what I was going through. He explained my problem to me in terms that I could even understand. This was the first time that I felt so at ease with a doctor and his staff." more »

From Gerald Grey:
"Dr. Snady was instrumental in introducing me to the oncologists and other medical practitioners and to a course of treatment which has enabled me to survive to this day." more »

From Thomas Ronga:
"Dr. Snady found the reason for my problems with the EUS evaluation. The advanced medical equipment made me feel safe during the test." more »

From Margaret Balzi:
"The result told the doctors that I had a suspicious pancreas, which could mean pancreatic cancer, but they weren't sure. My doctor then referred me to Dr.Snady, because of his level of skill with the EUS." more »

From John L. Valeri:
"At our consultation Dr. Snady completely explained the evaluation and made me feel quite comfortable with his professional demeanor and careful approach to my unique medical problems." more »

From Marvin Goldstein:
"Dr. Snady explained Lorraine's problem to me using diagrams to illustrate the size, location and dimension of the affected area, a large mass in the area of the pancreas...With patience, and using terms that a layman would readily grasp, Dr. Snady enabled me to fully understand the scope and gravity of the situation." more »

From Angela Pontecorvo:
"...on December 14, 1995, Dr. Harry Snady revealed to me that the tumor was gone. What heavenly words - said to me by a doctor sent to me by God. He is not only full of wisdom, brilliant, medically savvy and on the cutting edge of technology, but also compassionate, kind, sensitive, and humorous. His strength to help others applies not only to those seen in his office and the hospital, but also to lobbying for colon cancer screening in Washington, D.C." more »