May 24th, 1999

In January of 1996, I went to the hospital for Dr.Stark to remove gall and bile duct stones. However, during the procedure he discovered a mass in the area of my pancreas, which was later diagnosed as pancreatic cancer. I felt this was the end. Regardless, Dr.Stark referred me to Dr.Snady.

I was somewhat skeptical, given the chance of surviving this cancer, but I was reassured by the warm greeting I received by the staff members of EUS Imaging and how at ease Dr.Snady made me feel through the procedure. After the procedure, Dr. Snady took the time to explain the results and all the best alternatives for treatment to me, my son Stuart and my close friend Dan.

I then went to see Dr. Howard Bruckner for chemotherapy and Dr. Jack Dalton for radiation treatment at Mt.Sinai Hospital, who began the fight against this cancer, to win back my life.

In March of 1996, I returned to Dr. Snady to see what the results of the treatment were. That was the day that I felt I had won a new lease on life. Dr.Snady informed me that my cancer was gone. Dr. Avram Cooperman removed the area of the tumor, at his center dedicated to pancreatic surgery.

Three years later, I am still cancer free and have married my Dan, thanks to Dr.Snady, Dr.Bruckner, Dr. Cooperman and Dr.Dalton.

Estelle Sleppin-Itzkowitz

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