May 24th, 1999

In June of 1997, I went to see my doctor with complaints of loss of weight and appetite. I was then referred to have an EUS and CT Scan. The result told the doctors that I had a suspicious pancreas, which could mean pancreatic cancer, but they weren't sure. My doctor then referred me to Dr.Snady, because of his level of skill with the EUS.

When I entered the office I was greeted by a very nice staff, and I felt as if I were in my own living room. This was a welcome change to the prior offices, where I felt uneasy. I explained to Dr. Snady that I wasn't sure about having another EUS, since the first two hadn't rendered any definite results, but he reassured me that he would find the answer.

After the procedure, Dr.Snady reviewed the results and informed me that I didn't have pancreatic cancer, but that I had gallbladder disease that may have caused a pancreatic fibrosis and, my loss of appetite and weight.

Thanks to Dr.Snady, I am feeling much better. However, I wouldn't mind returning to his nice waiting room.

Margaret Balzi

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