January 14, 2004

I was shocked and horrified after having an endoscopy done by another doctor with results that concluded I had esophageal varices (which is usually a symptom of liver disease). My doctor said he'd seen what "appeared to be varices," but he was not sure. I did not understand because I was only 23 years old and had no high risk factors for liver disease. I became very worried thinking I could die soon w/o a liver transplant, or die from a ruptured varice, etc.

My doctor advised me to have an EUS performed to further diagnose me. Another doctor perform the EUS. The results were better but did not give me an explanation for my symptoms and were not certain enough to rid me of my anxiety. My mind would not forget the consequences of liver disease.

Now what? More reassurance, more certainty and at last Dr. Snady MD, PhD. After many hours of searching the Internet trying desperately to match my symptoms up with something other than liver disease, I found a great hope that went by the name "EUS IMAGING." I called Dr. Snady's office and he personally discussed my problem with me. I was very comforted by the fact that he sounded just as interested to solve my problem as I was. He informed me of his experience with similar symptoms and disorders etc. He virtually guaranteed me he could give me an explanation to my symptoms.He welcomed me to NYC and ten days later after flying halfway across the country, Dr. Snady performed the Eus. I then got my long awaited explanation, prognosis and reassurance. And most importantly my happiness and peace of mind, which was worth a thousand trips to New York. Dr. Snady showed me all the EUS pictures as well as the endoscopic pictures explaining with evidence that I had two minor disorders that created the appearance of esophageal varices, but that it was definitely not varices nor liver disease. He said that since this was very rare most doctors would have never seen anything like it and therefore not be able to easily detect it.

I was told worrying won't stop the tides, but until Dr. Snady I wasn't exactly sure what I should be worrying or not worrying about. I now know. Now what? Enjoy the rest of my trip in NYC and the rest of my worry free life! Thanks Dr. Snady, for everything.

Josh Brown
Noble, Oklahoma

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